The Heatywheaty Range

A versatile range of wheatbags commonly used for treating chronic pain and injuries while also being well loved for keeping warm in winter. All Heatywheatys come with a 100% cotton, removable and machine washable cover. They are also oven, microwave and freezer safe and made with only locally produced materials. Additional covers may be purchased.

Small Heatywheaty

20cm x 30cm


3 compartments

100% cotton

Developed specifically for treating knee and shoulder injuries. Similar in shape to a hot water bottle

Medium Heatywheaty

 16cm x 50cm


2 compartments

100% cotton

A good size for kids. It has a more sausage type shape for a snug fit around the neck and nice to snuggle. A favourite for corporate gifting.

Large Heatywheaty

 Large Heatywheaty

18cm x 56cm


3 compartments

100% cotton

Our best seller and most versatile for treating injuries. Each compartment lies quite flat and drapes well on the body. You can also lie flat on this one.


Designed for therapists by therapists. This range is perfect for keeping warm and treating injuries with hot or cold therapy.


Since 2013, Heatywheaty has been providing physiotherapists and orthopedic surgeons with custom made wheat bags.  These wheat bags are made to treat specific injuries as well as general aches and pains like post-operative pain and period pain. Heatywheaty now has three of their most versatile sizes available to the public.

Heatywheaty wheat bags are made to last, using only locally produced, 100% cotton fabrics and high quality, specially treated wheat. Our wheat is a lot heavier than the more commonly used buck wheat and provides soothing pressure on application. It also has a far fainter smell which lessens with use. They are microwaveable, oven safe and freezable making them a perfect choice for both hot and cold therapy. 

Heatywheaty wheat bags are safe and easy to use. They are also economical and can stay warm next to your body throughout the night. For older children they are a great choice as you no longer need to worry about a hot water bottle leaking, or any kind of electric fault.

Some of our customers have come up with other creative uses for our wheat bags, such as to warm children’s’ beds and pajamas. To treat colic, hold a slightly warm wheat bag onto your baby’s tummy for short periods of time. The heat coupled with light massage can be very soothing. Please do not leave a wheat bag on your unattended baby as they are too heavy.  Our wheat bags have also been used to keep food or drink warm or cool and to steady camera equipment.


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