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How much does shipping cost?

A flat rate of R105 is charged per retail order, regardless of how many you purchase.  We use The Courier Guy to deliver your wheat bags all around South Africa, and delivery usually takes anything between 2 days to a week (depending on stock availability and where it is being delivered to).

Using a courier service to deliver ensures that your order is always safely delivered and reaches you within as short a time as possible. You can always split the shipping costs with friends or family who would also like to order.

Like other microwavable wheat bags, will my Wheatbag Company wheat bag smell bad?

During your first few uses, you will notice your wheat bag will have the smell of heated wheat. This is completely normal because when each bag is made, it is filled with wheat that has not been previously heated and the first few uses will cause the wheat to release a slight smell as it loses its natural moisture content. This smell will lessen and eventually disappear as our wheat is specially chosen to prevent bad odours and excess moisture. Other wheat bags may smell bad for various other reasons, such as the weight of the wheat being too light and therefore burning easily, or poor quality covers that do not allow the wheat to breathe. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about any of that with us as we give you only the best available quality.

What are your wheat bags made of?

Many of our customers have been sceptical about our claims at superior quality compared with other commercial wheat bags. The secret to our wheat bags’ great wear is the fact that each one is made with care using the best quality wheat and 100% cotton covers. Through trial and error, the creators of these amazing products have found just the right variety of wheat that does not hold a foul smell after repeated use. This wheat, while sweating slightly in it’s first few uses, later loses the ability to hold water and will stay dry. Our cotton covers have come a long way too, from the original corduroy, which was far too thick, to a thin cotton which damaged over time and needed to be replaced. These new, bright cotton covers are soft yet durable. Our wheat bags are 100% quality, inside and out.

Where can I buy one?

We are working hard to make our wheat bags available to the wider public. You now have the option to purchase online, or to buy direct from one of our stockists or agents. Online purchases can be shipped across South Africa. Unfortunately, we do not offer international shipping at this point, as the costs are just too high.

If you would like to get yours in person please contact us and we will do all we can to help you.

What colours do the wheat bags come in?

Our range of colours does change depending on demand and fabric availability. Some colours can also be gradually phased out if they do not perform well with repeated heating or begin to look aged too fast. For this reason, our colour range may be limited at times as we strive to give our customers the best possible quality. Please visit our online wheat bag store to see our current available colours.

Is the wheat bag cover washable?

Yes. If you are one of many people who have purchased a wheat bag from a major retailer only to have it deteriorate further with every use, leaving it’s cover dirty and sometimes burnt, put your worries aside. Every wheat bag comes with a soft and durable machine washable cover that is sure to last you almost as long as your actual wheat bag does. Please do ensure that you always heat and use your wheat bag with the cover on, as it will help to protect the inner bag which cannot be washed. Additional covers for the Heatywheaty range are available for purchase.

Besides heating, what can I use a wheat bag for?

Our wheat bags have been used by physiotherapists for the past 20 years and can be used to treat various injuries, aches and pains.

Use your wheat bag hot to help stretch out stiff muscles or soothe tension, treat back or neck ache or even help with period pain. The warmth coupled with the weight of the wheat bag work together to give your body even better soothing and healing heat therapy for your entire body.

Your wheat bag can also be used as a cold pack for new injuries or just to keep cool. Simply place it in a fridge or freezer, in a plastic bag,  depending on how cold you would like it. Leave the bag to cool for at least 30 minutes and then apply directly to the affected area. It’s not a bad idea to keep one in the freezer at all times just in case it is needed.

Remember that you can also use your wheat bag to warm up your bed at night, or to warm up a baby’s pyjamas, cot or crib. This technique has been used with great benefit to babies suffering from colic as they are better able to relax and fall asleep when being put down into a warm bed.

Will my wheat bag sweat?

During your first few uses, the wheat inside your Wheatbag Company wheat bag will release its natural moisture, which may be accompanied by the smell of heated wheat. This is completely normal, but fortunately, it does not last long and our specially selected wheat will soon become dry, and stay dry. The smell and moisture will dissipate and eventually disappear.

How long will my wheat bag last?

Unlike other commercial wheat bags, you won’t have to worry about replacing it every winter. Our wheat bags are designed to last you a lifetime and with proper care, it will do just that.

Here are some tips for caring for your Wheatbag Company wheat bag:

  • When heating your wheat bag, be sure to place it on a clean microwave plate as materials that get stuck on your bag may burn and damage its cover.
  • In the microwave, place your wheat bag flat and not bunched together. The best way to do this is to fold it and lie it flat on the microwave plate.
  • Be sure to make sure the microwave’s plate is turning. If it does not turn then the microwave can create hot spots and burn your wheat bag.
  • Use your wheat bag with its cover on at all times. This will help you protect the inner bag of the wheat bag.
  • Do not wash the inner bag of the wheat bag.
  • You may wash your removable wheat bag cover as often as you like. The covers are 100% cotton and fully machine washable.
  • Store your wheat bag in a place where it has both air and light. You can also keep them in the freezer through summer.

Can my wheat bag be used with Essential Oils?

Yes! A good quality wheat bag makes an excellent hot or cold compress for use with essential oils. Your wheat bag can also act as a mobile diffuser when a drop of oil is placed on the cover.

We recommend using only high quality, toxin-free oils from reputable companies, to protect your wheat bag and your skin. You can learn more about how to find quality essential oils at 

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